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Drone Mapping

Drone mapping is becoming increasingly popular for a broader range of applications, and Networx3 have both the equipment and the expertise required to create 2D or 3D drone maps, wherever they might be needed.

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Mapping with drones is done using photogrammetry and is done with still photographs rather than video. It is essentially the science of creating measurements from photographs, and the result is normally a map, 2D or 3D model of a building, structure or object. The process of creating the map or model is done using specialist software and accurate measurements of things like length, area and volume can be derived from the map or model.

The applications of drone mapping are numerous, but they include the construction industry in tracking progress of a development, and to check volumes of materials for example, and in inspections such as solar farms where we can use aerial maps to spot any problems with the solar panels using infrared imagery.

Main advantages of using a drone for mapping:

  • Significant time savings are created
  • Costs of planning and preparation time are reduced considerably
  • We can provide the exact footage and images the client requires

Our first-choice drones at Networx3 are the Flyability Elios 2 and the DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK which, with their respective mapping software, are highly capable tools to create internal or external maps of any structure or building.

The savings of time and effort, planning and preparation, to create these maps using drones is huge compared to the human activity required to the same work.

In addition, we are unique in the UK in having our mobile ‘command centre’ where our customer can direct our pilot to fly the drone wherever they wish and view the flight live in real time. This gets great ‘first time’ results.

As part of our continual development and training, we can now offer Orthomosaic drone mapping at Networx3. What is it? In simple terms, an orthomosaic map is an accurate and detailed photo representation of a particular area. It is created by ‘stitching’ together and geometrically correcting a number of photos taken from a drone, so that it is as accurate as a map. For more information about this or other drone mapping services, please email or call.

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