Drone Inspections and Drone Surveys

The recognition of the multitude of ways that drone inspections can be used to save time and money for a number of organisations is really starting to become apparent.

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Drones are an ideal tool where they can replace human eyes in awkward to difficult-to-reach locations or situations where there are significant cost and time implications of humans doing the work required.

Below are some example services where drones are increasingly being used for inspection or survey - but the list of applications is continually expanding.

Confined Space Drone Inspection

In providing confined space drone inspections, we at Networx3, can save you time and money on traditional methods of visually inspecting industrial plant and vessels.

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Wind Turbine Drone Inspection

Wind turbine inspections using drones are more cost-effective and safer than traditional methods of inspection. Other processes can be slow, relatively expensive and require significant health and safety management.

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Solar Panel Inspection

Drones are an ideal solution for the issue of solar panel inspections. Often solar panels are placed either at height on buildings, or they are ground based on large solar farm installations.

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Motorway and Highway Drone Inspection

Drones are increasingly being used for Motorway and Highway inspections. The purpose behind their use is to improve the management of our major roads, particularly where roadworks are taking place.

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Drone Powerline Inspections

The requirement for powerline inspections has been revolutionised with the use of drones. They are now able to take over from helicopters in providing detailed information about the condition of overhead power cables.

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Drone Building Surveys

Every organisation is unique and that’s why your drone building survey solution should be too. With our industry expertise we deliver significant time savings, increased safety and all at a reduced cost.

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Roof and Structure Drone Surveys

Our Roof and structure drone survey services are designed for roofing contractors requiring a more cost-effective, faster and safer solution to using scaffolding or cherry pickers.

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Sports Event Drone Filming

From filming sports competitions to all-day events, we are ready to capture the energy and excitement of your event with our sports event drone filming services.

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Cladding Drone Inspections

Drone inspections of building cladding have the potential of saving a lot of time and money as well as significantly reducing safety concerns.

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Phone Mast Drone Inspections

A highly accurate and detailed phone mast drone inspection can be achieved without the numerous health and safety risks that are associated with the human inspection of a tall structure.

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Drone Sewer Inspections

Human inspection of the sewers of often time consuming, expensive and unpleasant, and the Elios 2 drone can do the same work at a fraction of the cost and time required.

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Drone Mapping

Drone mapping is becoming increasingly popular for a broader range of applications, and Networx3 have both the equipment and the expertise required to create 2D or 3D drone maps, wherever they might be needed.

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Linear Drone Inspections

Linear drone inspections are typically undertaken by Networx3 drones on geographical features and resources that appear linear in geometry. Examples would be railways, canals, roads, rivers, gas pipelines and overhead power cables.

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Waypoint GPS Drone Mapping

At Networx3 Drones, professional Waypoint GPS mapping is available using specialist software that has been developed for that specific task.

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