Groundbreaking Elios 2 drone at Networx3

Aug 19, 2020

Networx3 Drones has become one of only a handful of UK companies to have the game-changing Elios 2 drone in its fleet.


The £32,000 drone is already proving its worth on complex and safety critical jobs for clients – from inspecting reservoir dams to surveying sewer networks.

The Elios 2 looks like a football inside a cage and allows users to view locked away spaces such as holes in the ground, loft cavities, drains, as well as dangerous structures, vast warehouses and contaminated buildings.

It includes thermal imaging, HD quality live streaming footage and photos accessible via the cloud.

The Elios 2 is fitted with sensors that are designed to sense and avoid obstacles and sustain collisions.

There are currently only 400 of these highly-specialised drones in use worldwide – with just 10 in the UK.

With many of the 10 UK-based drones in private hands Networx3 Drones’ Elios 2 is in constant demand from customers who have work to do in hostile or dangerous environments.

Networx3 founder and managing director Ian Ashworth said: “The Elios 2 expands what we can do with our drone fleet and I wanted one because I knew it would give us the edge that our competitors don’t have. Nobody else is doing what we’re doing with an Elios 2.

“It allows us to do a confined space drone inspection on any type of work that’s up close and difficult: mine shafts, oil, gas and chemicals storage facilities, pipelines, sewers etc.

“Instead of sending a worker into a vat, asbestos-filled building, cave, chimney, tanker, cylinder, or a mineshaft that might collapse, you send the Elios 2.

“It’s made to be able to withstand a bit of a bashing and is strong in vulnerable conditions.”

The Elios 2 is built by hand by Swiss company Flyability with a Swiss-made stamp which stands for reliability around the world.

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