Networx3 Drones’ dynamic duo

Apr 27, 2021

Meet the dynamic duo leading the Networx3 Drones team of CAA and PfCO registered drone pilots.


The five-strong squad provide a 24/7 service to clients and are ready to deploy with the Networx3 Drones mobile control centre anywhere in the UK.

The lead pilots are:

·         Founder and managing director of Networx3 Drones, Ian Ashworth, who is passionate about the untapped potential of drones.

·         Commercial director and trailblazer Caroline Earnshaw: one of the few female qualified drone pilots in the UK.

They’ve lifted the lid on their drone life in a Q & A about all things drone.

Question: Favourite drone and why?


Ian: Sky Mantis because of its all-weather capabilities. It’s flexible, British-made and a quality product.

Caroline: Elios2 - it’s awesome. It’s a unique drone because it goes where no other drone goes. It can be unpredictable and challenging - it takes courage and skill to fly. You can get into no-access areas and it opens up worlds, from oil refineries to sewers, that humans normally never see.


Question: Favourite drone job and why?


Ian: Flying over and inside Extwistle Hall – a Tudor-style Grade II listed mansion dating back to 1585. It’s now a lonely and solitary ruin high up on Extwistle Moor near Burnley, Lancashire. We flew our Mavic Enterprise drone outside, and Elios 2 drone inside, resulting in never-seen-before video footage and photographs of this three-storey sandstone gem.

Caroline: Using the Elios2 to explore a sewer network – a place that that Joe Public would never get to see. It wasn’t a glamourous job but it was really interesting, like entering the unknown.


Question: Do you remember your first drone flight?


Ian: It was 2015 and I flew a pleasure drone for the first time. It was a Christmas present from my wife Julie and from that very first flight I could see the commercial opportunities for it so I set up Networx3 Drones as a result.

Caroline: I remember using the DJI Mavic Pro 2 Enterprise drone with its 4K quality video camera in 2018 and being wowed.


Question: Where would your dream drone flight be?


Ian: Crete - to capture the blue skies and blue seas of this Greek island.

Caroline: I’d use drone technology for the greater good and to make a difference. For eg. filming animals in need on the streets of Spain or Romania.

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