Matrice 210 drone makes light work of roof inspection

Apr 1, 2021

Networx3 Drones has completed a roof inspection on a Yorkshire business park – helping to keep buildings safe, watertight and in good repair.


Ian Ashworth, one of Networx3’s five commercial drone pilots, deployed the Matrice 210 V2 RTK from the fleet of six cutting-edge drones.

The onboard camera, whose zoom function is so powerful that it can pick up a crystal clear image of a dead fly on a car windscreen from 400ft up in the air, captured close up photographs and video footage from the air.

The Matrice flew over the business park inspecting roofs and guttering on offices, warehouses and manufacturing plants with particular attention paid to penetration points such as air conditioning funnels and signs of rust or erosion.

The roof and guttering inspections on site are normally conducted by specialist contractors using elevated platforms and scaffolding.

But the facilities management company responsible for the upkeep of the large site, near Leeds, decided to cut the cost of inspection and reduce the health and safety risk by asking Networx3 Drones to get involved instead.

Ian said: “The facilities management client was delighted with the results of the drone inspection because it took a fraction of the time it would normally take using the traditional methods.

“Drone inspections are faster, cheaper and safer and produce reports with photographs and video to corroborate our findings.”

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