Networx3 Drones gears up for UK’s green industrial revolution

Dec 17, 2020

Networx3 Drones is set to expand its work in the renewable energy sector thanks to the government’s plans to expand nuclear and solar energy in the UK.


The green industrial revolution is set to quadruple offshore wind power by 2030 generating enough electricity to power every UK home and create a new network of small nuclear power stations.

Networx3 has been working in the renewable energy sector since 2003 installing fibre optic cabling networks to allow monitoring of wind turbines and hydroelectric power stations.

With the launch of their Networx3 Drones division the company’s work in the growing sector has increased.

Their fleet of five cutting-edge drones can help energy companies inspect and monitor solar farms, hydroelectric and nuclear power stations and wind turbines.

With five qualified commercial drone pilots available in-house Networx3 Drones is able to deploy nationwide with its state-of-the-art mobile drone control centre.

Networx3 Drones founder and managing director Ian Ashworth said: “It saves time and money to use a drone.

“From a health and safety perspective it makes sense because instead of a rigging team of three or four engineers working at 200 ft height on a wind turbine you have a drone operator and navigator with their feet firmly planted on the ground.

“With solar farms, which can cover miles and miles, you can replace a person physically inspecting each solar panel with a drone inspection fly over.

“At a hydroelectric power station, where there is dangerous deep water, moving machinery parts and an isolated location, a drone can eliminate human error where a decimal point or coordinates are out and a leak is left unchecked.”

For the new network of nuclear power stations Networx3 Drones will be able to deploy the DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK to conduct regular over flights to record construction progress as well as provide real-time updates from inside buildings using the Elios 2.

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